Another Digital space to think about filling is on exhibition stands, how to draw people to your stand. Exhibitions in my opinion assault the senses. I think you have to be very aware of your audience in this area, who are you targeting.
If I go to an exhibition in my capacity as a TV producer I am looking for very definite things, I am not window shopping, I am looking for format entertainment. All the stands that show Childrens’ Programmes, Drama or Documentaries I simply pass by. When I do get to the entertainments stands I will take one look at the video and in general ignore it because I have researched what I want to see before I got anywhere near the exhibition! Very occasionally, I will pass a stand and be grabbed by one shot or headline, something that surprises me and I stop to investigate. That’s the Malcolm Gladwell moment, the 8 second window to make a human take notice.
In an exhibition on a stand the use of video or digital signage is that one most grabby selling line set to explode on the screen every few seconds so a passer by takes notice. It stops them in their tracks.
In the World of DNA the buzz is about sample sacrifice. In DNA measurement of small samples you have to check there is enough material to get an accurate result, the irony is if you have to destroy a sample to check its viability you probably wont have enough to measure. At an exhibition next week a firm is showing a machine that sacrifices nothing, the entire sample use to check viability can be returned uncontaminated for further DNA profiling. In the world of DNA the grabbing headline is “0μl” – this will cause those in the know to stop in the tracks, Zero micro litre, in other words, no sacrifice of sample.
It is pointless, creating pack shots of the equipment, explaining the simplicity of the process, in fact in an exhibition stand using audio is useless unless its using headphones, no convenient to attract passing traffic. Three simple characters 0μl will do the trick.
Know your audience, discovering the small hook is far more important that a huge flashy video.

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