It is interesting as we all strive to monetize our content how do you evaluate cost value and quality in this online world. It has just been suggested in another forum that a company charging under £200 a video is doing a disservice to the industry. I must qualify that this was criticism from a broadcast production company aimed at the online sector, so there is little understanding of the market. But it throws up interesting questions.
If you are making a video for a small tech business. What do you do, charge £900 for 2 minutes and shoot their video in a day? Or do you try to give them value by – shooting the main video, do some interviews so they can intercut with the promo for a profile piece on their web site, and shoot some basic training and how to videos. They get more value, the unit cost comes down to sub £200 and British industry gets another very successful tech company who didn’t have to break the bank as they started up!
The BBC has been giving us their content for 40 pence a day for years, Sky costs me £2 a day, if we measure quality on cost I think I have been had!

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