This digital World is democratising the world of video entertainment, just as music downloads changed the face of the music industry. I believe passionately that the creatives of our industry have to hold onto that democracy. Just as several music stars have been created by the power of the “crowd,” leaving the music barons behind in the wake of popular opinion, so should the video creative talent. Rather than being held to creative ransom by a few opinions in London as people decide what the audience wants. Its time to let the audience consume what it wants when it want’s. The truth is there probably isn’t that much difference as the commissioners serve their audiences very well BUT. Issues of politics within the broadcast industry won’t have a bearing the commissioning process. Issues of age or experience will not play apart. We may even once again live in a world where a good idea is simply a good idea.
The idea of a Broadcast TV show having an online presence is something I wan’t to change. I’d like to see an online game have a broadcast presence. VOD is the first machination of non linear viewing. This will develop into entertainment as a whole we’ll consume small parts of video, gaps and narratives will be filled in as text or interactions, people will embed, comment and speculate on the out come before moving on. We are already seeing live commentary on shows, the ability to form remote audience groups and team watch TV. And if we cling onto our creativity the best will be discovered, not by a Broadcast commissioner, but by an audience viewing work created for them. Just as the basement studios spawned the Justin Beibers of this world. Soon the next George Lucas will be found on the net with a you tube short that captures the audience.
An Imagine if you will 3 men called Jeremy, Richard and James, they are great mates and all meet regularly on the motor journalist junkets around the world. A young producer has an idea for a new kind of review show, they decide to put it on the Web as a Web video. a new weekly episode posted once a week on sunday at 8:00pm. with VOD thereafter. They all write books and secure a sponsor in W.H Smith. They sell merchandise for the new shows on the site, there is a companion print magazine set up. and there is a social network and car sales page attached. Top Gear the Site is born the producer and Jeremy James and Richard own all the rights. The show is a global success and the Car Sales site becomes the largest Used Car site in the world. The three me get very rich. the Audience sit at home with their internet connected TV, switching to the web is no more arduous than using a sky plus box. Imagine the guy who just sent me an idea 2 minutes ago. Its a good idea, its a game show. ITV is really looking to keep their game shows in house, the ip works better for them. The BBC is looking for a show, but its just one and when it is commissioned it may keep its slot the Egg Heads and Weakest for years. So lets ingor the lottery that is commissioning. Lets fund it, get it on the web let the audience decide, it suddenly seems less risky, doesn’t it?

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