Gilt is a luxury online retailer of Luxury goods and this is what Gilt Groupe Chairman Susan Lyne is the next big thing as reported in an interview for the Huffington Post

What’s the next big idea in tech?

I think that the new generation of e-commerce is huge. E-commerce was the dog of the Internet for a long time — there was not a lot of innovation, and there were set rules about how you laid out a site and what you had to be good at. I think the new generation of e-commerce is about taking commerce out of the world of tasks and into the world of entertainment: It’s fun as well as being something that you need to do. The new generation of e-commerce that sites like Gilt, Groupon and LivingSocial are a part of are about merging commerce with entertainment and gaming.

This is in line with the whole gameify movement that is happening at the moment. As ever entertainment is moving into every part of our lives. Factual entertainment in television, and in advertising a great engaging challenge or game seems to be the order of the day. Non of which is new, like everything in humanity we simply invent a new label. The principal is the same. Since education meandered into the modern era and we realised making lessons entertaining was a better route to engaging the kids than lines, detention or the slipper, Sadly many would not agree with that. But entertainment is the key to engagement. Perhaps there is a role for an entertainment consultant? Or does that sound more like living off immoral earnings!?

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